Tuesday, June 2, 2009



  1. I luv n support yall and i made a fan blogspot for yall please check it out http://princessavia.blogspot.com/

  2. Mary Mary! Nice video. Blessings from Newark, NJ.

  3. I love the video!=)!!!!!!!!

  4. I truly love you ladies, I can listen to you all day. You both are so down to earth, may GOD continue to bless you, your families and your careers. If you need any AVON products, look me up on FACEBOOK...Regina Giles-Biggs
    Love you both and continue success

  5. I cannot get enough of this video. Unfortunately, I have not heard it on the radio in Las Vegas. Lots of folks need to hear this daily. I am always uplifted when I do and I never forget the message. Thank you!

    Rekaya Gibson, Author
    The Food Temptress

  6. Yes, I indeed agree. Mary Mary is truly blessed with the anointing to change lives, bring individuals to Christ or closer to Him. Although I have an objective to the issue being praised. The video was fashion and fun, which was cool, but I disagreed with two individuals-especially one that was featured in the video. Any guesses?!
    Kanye West and Amber Rose. Amber Rose?! Seriously Mary Mary??!!!! I have to say that I am disappointed in their decision on putting them in the video. They totally are not in the same category of praise. Even though it was just a glimpse of them, it falsifies the message that is TRYING to be conveyed. I have had several conversations with Christian friends, and they all agree. I was standing STRONG by Mary Mary, thanking God that He had sent two young, beautiful women to stand for His Word in the world today. To show the world that there are faithful Christians that stand for Him in the worldy industry with grace, style, and confidence. You know how some gospel singers/rappers turn "subconsciously' to worldy fame and individualized praise, well Mary Mary take a good look in the mirror. I mean a real good look, David Banner first, one of the most degrading rappers out and now Amber Rose, bisexual and video vixen. Watch what you are justifying to ones that may follow you and take you as THEIR role models. Your actions speak alone. Please Mary Mary, I say this out of love, PLEASE listen.
    *The enemy comes for three things (I know you know): To kill, steal, and destroy.* This is God's word- don't take it lightly.
    I seriously LOVE you BOTH, followed your ministry from the get-go, I truly want you to BE BLESSED! Continue to be led by the spirit, with all due respect, I just felt it one my heart to leave this message.

    God bless, much love, and respect