Friday, June 26, 2009


My heart n prayers goes out to Michael Jackson's Family. A piece of entertainment has died........we'll miss u Michael!!!!!!!



  1. As believers we know that this world is not our home. However, in the book of Ecclesiastes we learn that there is a time and season for everthing. We are all mourning the passing of Michael Jackson. It doesn't matter what he was accused of in his life because we all have sinned and fallen short. This is the time that we celebrate his life and legacy. He was fearfully and wonderfully made. May God give the Jacksons strength during their time of bereavement.

    Go MIKE!!!

    "Man In the Mirror"

  2. First let me say I was truly devastated when I heard the news. My cell phone began ringing and didn't stop with friends and family calling to check on me because everyone knew how much of a fan I was. I feel like a piece of my childhood is gone because every decade that I've been here Michael Jackson has been a part of it through his music. He will be greatly missed. I too am praying for his family and especially his children and the many fans around the world who are mourning the loss. My favorite memory would have to be the Motown 25th celebration. Michael and his brothers had just finished performing and Michael broke out into Billie Jean. I clearly remember, as though it were yesterday, my cousin and myself jumping up and down screaming and crying watching Michael do what he did best. He is and will be missed.

  3. I will truly miss him.. I still can't believe he is really gone.. Am pray for his family, friends n fans. I been a fan before I was through of..I still to this day I want to dance like Micheal..My favorite memory would have to be 1/26/92 half time superbowl sunday (MJ) was performing n my mother was going to thee game and went in labor n she was to busy tring to watch (MJ) then give birth to my sister and I.and I would have to also say when Michael Jackson performed "Man in the Mirror" live at the 1988 Grammy Awards with a Gospel Choir.. I know that I was not Born yet but when i seen that perform's i fill in love with Micheal..HE is Gone but never forgoten. HE is and Will be truly missed.

  4. Ever since I was baby my parents would play michael's music. When I was 10 I would tell my mom I was going to marry him not knowing he wasnt a kid anymore. Every performance, song, & video he has done has touched me in some way. He has always been my favorite artist and always will be and when I get married and have kids of my own I will share his music with as well. To me he will never be dead because he lives through his music and his music will live for ever. R.I.P. Michael...and my prayers go out to his family & friends.

  5. It is so sad that it takes death to realize what impact a person has on our lives. Michael Jackson gave his life looking for someone to love him, and to fill a void. Let learn a lesson from this wonderful entertainer and person, Life without Jesus is just not worth the while, Pray for his faimily and ask Jesus to come into their lives and give them peace of mind.

  6. As a Brit approaching 60 I enjoyed Michael's music but I wasn't a fan in the sense of pop music fans.

    Nevertheless, we mourn the passing of such a great talent. But God knew Michael couldn't go on. It is in His mercy that He took him home.

    We rejoice that at the last, Michael was given an opportunity to come to Christ.

    Let us continue praying for his family and many fans who need peace, and to know from their hearts that only Christ is worthy of worship.

    Hannah x

  7. OH' what joy to know that Michael came to the knowledge of the LORD Jesus Christ and recieved him as his saviour before he died. It is so preciouse when the Lords timeing is so perfect. Bless his wonderful name. It is sad that Michael has gone but he is with Jesus now and we are going to miss such a great and wonderful talent. I loved him and enjoyed his dancing that only Michael could dance. He truly had a talent. Wonder if he is dancing and singing the same way now for the Lord Jesus :O) bet he is!!! Our thoughts are with his family and his children. Rest in peace Michael and may your family also come to know the saving Grace of the LORD Jesus Christ.
    Laura....from South Africa

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  9. My heart and prayers goes out to the Jackson's Family, I grow up watching them on TV and always follow there lives. RIP Michael, your music will live on.

    Denise Myers
    Toronto Canada

  10. Can anyone confirm that Michael did indeed accept Jesus as his savior? I've heard that he will be buried according to Sharia (Islamic law). Just curious.

  11. Here is an article I ran across. I never believed that he was muslim. It was another tabloid story. Link:

    It seems like confusion is still brewing whether Michael Jackson actually ever became a Muslim or not.

    One urban legend that has circulated among Muslims, even repeated by Imams, is that Dawud Wharnsby, a Muslim musical artist, witnessed MJ taking his “shahadatayn” – bearing witness that there is only one G-d and that Muhammad ibn Abdullah is His messenger and the last prophet. Wharnsby stated on his blog that he never even met MJ, nor did he ever have the opportunity to discuss issues of faith with him.

    Muslim singer Yusuf Islam also dismisses the urban legend as well that he witnessed MJ accepting Islam.

    Now, stories are circulating that an Imam visited the Jackson family allegedly discussing burial arrangements. Who is this Imam? No one is sure.

    If MJ died as a Muslim, may he be accepted as one and be granted Divine mercy.

    MJ was definitely an artist whose impact was felt worldwide. I wonder, however, if Muslims are being overly anxious to claim him as among the fold out of sincere concern for his spirit in the life of the grave or to claim this world renowned (and repudiated to some) figure because of a collectively damaged ego and esteem.

    Surely G-d knows best.

  12. When the other blog about Michael Jackson was still on this website, there was a comment by EDGE (I believe that is the name of the person) that said he/she knew Michael and knew that he accepted Christ. If you read this, could you please post that under this blog as well? Thanks

  13. As a believer, when I first heard of MJ's passing, I was sad and I prayed for him, because I did not know whether he was a born again believer. But, when you put your post on FB about him inviting Christ into his heart, my heart leapt for joy! I cried tears of happiness!! It is amazing how God moves..I truly believe the Holy Spirit stirred that whole moment..truly God will put people and places into appointed times for such a time as this. It does not matter what they say about him, how he lived, or if he did have other problems..God said if you give it to me and repent, they are all gone. I am sad at the state of the world..we live in a place where we condemn people to 'hell' when the Word says we should not waste time on whether people go up or down..we need to all approach our salvation with fear and trembling..God Bless MJ..Praise God for salvation..I pray for the families strength during this difficult time..The devil will try to tear you down, but cast all those cares unto the Lord, because HIS yoke is LIGHT!!! Love you Mary Mary!!! You ladies are a beacon of light!!!

  14. por favor me digam se é verdade mesmo!?
    preciso saber disso.O michael jackson recebeu a jesus como Senhor e Salvador?Quem pregou pra ele?

  15. please tell me if it is true?
    need to know. The Michael Jackson received Jesus as Lord and Savior? Who taught him? I am from Brazil and want to know if this is true? When was that? Please tell me you that I remain in peace!

  16. God is sooo awesome. I was happy to hear that MJ gave his heart to the Lord before dying. How wonderful is our God that no matter what we have done on earth--on cry out to him for forgiveness and he forgives with and no questions asked. We as people are so quick to judge and point a finger-it's like we have no mercy yet we call ourselves christians. I am so happy that MJ is now dancing and singing for the Lord and is feeling all the love he lacked here on earth. I am so happy that he can feel our God's love and finally know that he is loved. I can't wait to see MJ in heaven one day and learn the moon walk, we all will, LOL. Praise God for his mercy.

  17. Yes, where IS the original post? It hurt my heart so much to think that Michael had "retired" (I can't bring myself to say it any other way) without knowing the Lord. So this news is nothing but wonderful for me. Please tell how exactly is this known? And when did he give himself?